The magical Greek island of Kos







One of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Kos is both an area of outstanding beauty and a welcoming, lively destination situated in the Aegean Sea.

If you are reading this and expecting a travel guide that will inform you of the best hotels, restaurants and beaches, I apologise, you will be sadly disappointed.

Kos, from my experience, is a place to be admired, examined and consumed in it’s most natural form. It’s the place once home to the ‘Father of Medicine’, Hippocrates, and that- according the Greek mythology- was visited by Hercules.  The destination was also home to soldiers during the Trojan War, as told by Homer in The Odyssey.

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Sometimes, beauty is found in the most unexpected of places…

copyright Arise and Go (2014)

copyright Arise and Go (2014)


The clouds in summer are as ever-changing as our thoughts. As the days pass by, the world is evolving.

When the sun comes out again, night fades and the day arises.

This is all just a metaphor, though.

At this stage in life, it’s almost certain that one has experienced some form of heartbreak. Losing a family member, growing apart from a lover or having to see someone close drift further and further away- these are all difficult.

I suppose this week has seen a lot of change. Change like the clouds that drift away and reveal the light. Next Tuesday, I’m going to Greece. This place is somewhere that is held deep in my heart, that I love above most places and that I wish I had grown up in.

From a young age, I’ve travelled across Greece with my family. Amongst the rocky hills, dusty footpaths and smiley locals, it’s hard to feel like you don’t belong and even more difficult to return home.

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I got sunshine on a cloudy day…

I got sunshine on a cloudy day…

This morning, I heard someone singing The Temptations- ‘My Girl’ in the street.

There’s something about singing in the morning. Not on television or the radio, but the magic of human harmony as passers-by mumble their favourite lyrics on the way to the bus stop or whilst walking their dogs.       Continue reading

A quick hello…

Hi, I’m Sophie.

For a number of years now I’ve been interested in how we can use our human spirit to help both ourselves and others to be happy and stay positive.

We all have our dark places, me included, and although it is sometimes a case of finding help, what we often need is just a slight mood uplift on some of the duller days.

That’s why I’m here.                 

I want to start a new social media revolution.

Not a network of videos to recruit militants or pictures of abuse victims. These are plastered over our television screens or newspaper headlines.

The aim of this blog is to spread happiness and laughter to the online community.