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Sometimes, beauty is found in the most unexpected of places…

copyright Arise and Go (2014)

copyright Arise and Go (2014)


The clouds in summer are as ever-changing as our thoughts. As the days pass by, the world is evolving.

When the sun comes out again, night fades and the day arises.

This is all just a metaphor, though.

At this stage in life, it’s almost certain that one has experienced some form of heartbreak. Losing a family member, growing apart from a lover or having to see someone close drift further and further away- these are all difficult.

I suppose this week has seen a lot of change. Change like the clouds that drift away and reveal the light. Next Tuesday, I’m going to Greece. This place is somewhere that is held deep in my heart, that I love above most places and that I wish I had grown up in.

From a young age, I’ve travelled across Greece with my family. Amongst the rocky hills, dusty footpaths and smiley locals, it’s hard to feel like you don’t belong and even more difficult to return home.

During times like this, whilst strolling quietly along the water front or looking back at an experience to appreciate its splendour, that you truly realise how special life is. Continue reading