I got sunshine on a cloudy day…

I got sunshine on a cloudy day…

This morning, I heard someone singing The Temptations- ‘My Girl’ in the street.

There’s something about singing in the morning. Not on television or the radio, but the magic of human harmony as passers-by mumble their favourite lyrics on the way to the bus stop or whilst walking their dogs.      

The sun shone through my eyelids, forcing me to rise from the soft paradise of bed and break out into the day. I’m certainly not a morning person

A gentlemen, well dressed in a grey tailored three-piece suit, was faceless as I looked out from above him on to a bald, shiny head. He did, however, have the angelic voice of a pre-pubescent choir boy. It was this that made me smile.

A middle-aged, balding businessman singing Motown classics at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday morning.  I’ve been singing that song all day!

Thank you Bald Businessman.

What’s making you smile today?


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